What can you expect?

Assessing your needs.

Our initial meeting is free: here we explain what we do and the prospects of getting the best deal. We work out if you can afford the property, consider timescales, assess all costs and the methods of payment.

Your options.

Sometimes the best deal is one you might not have considered; our service includes:

  1. Getting your mortgage arranged quickly and reliably. It can be critical to get the mortgage you need within a certain timescale, we do this for you because we understand how the lenders administration process actually works.
  2. Getting you the most cost-effective deal, this includes considering what fees you pay.
  3. The differences between fixed, tracker and variable rates.
  4. Considering your credit record, often good rates are only available to those with the best credit files.
  5. Ensuring the whole transaction works in a way that suits you. This means we will liaise as necessary with your lender, estate agent, surveyor and solicitor. We use our experience to get what you need, because we know who to speak to and how decisions are made. We also explain to you the most important steps, including how the legal process works.
  6. Getting you the best long term conditions. The future long term flexibility provided by the lender can matter to you. Future changes you may require are a lot easier with certain lenders.
  7. Keeping you updated on progress, right through to completion.


It’s sensible to protect yourself and your home:

  1. Personal Protection, think about what would happen to either you or your family if you didn’t have adequate cover for your needs, for example you were to die or suffer from a critical illness. We can arrange cover for this
  2. Property Insurance, again we will suggest suitable cover here, considering both the price and level of cover that you need

On-going support.

After arranging a mortgage through us, we will continue to look after you, keeping you informed about the market and contacting you before your existing mortgage deal ends.